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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Home Studio

These are my ancient recordings. My very first dabblings with home recording and song arrangements.

not very refined, but dead honest :)

This was before Ocean of Fire was properly formed and coordinated. I was just leaving the now defunct Hearts on Fire when this was done.

you can listen to some of the tracks here.

6 tracks in this cd.

  1. spaceman
  2. final step
  3. classical run
  4. not so funky
  5. race with me
  6. road trip
I have discontinued making these cds, but still produce small amounts from time to time as promos and demos. If you are interested in purchasing one ( rm 10 ) , please call or sms me at 016 427 8817. :) cheers!

Ocean of Fire's a rockfunkjazzynotsometal project

This is a collection of songs from last last year,

this album ( a rockfunkjazzynotsometal project ) contains 10 songs

ctrl alt dlt
topsy turvy
arch angel
christmas special
walking in the rain
seashell song
critical strike
neo classical nonsense

u can hear some of this music over at or here

if you are interested in purchasing the cd ( rm 15 ) and supporting us, please call our finance minister,- chiat at 012 486 5209

Mxr micro amp

Just wanted to share with you a lil of my artwork. I totally refinished this otherwise dull looking pedal!

i get many people asking me what in the world this is, and still do.

Tech 21 tri-ac & Leila vintage elctronics 4x12 cab simulator

what it is
a pre-amp pedal that offers 3 programmable channels. Choose from 3 different amp types, tweed ( fender ) , brittish ( marshall ) and california ( mesa ). You can run this pedal direct into house pa and it wont affect your signal much. Its a pre-amp after all, great for direct recording.
8/10 price
rm550 firm or a good trade ( a great delay pedal, ehx memory man with hazarai, line 6 delay modeller, will top u up too )

what it is
leila 4x12 cab simulator
a true bypass pedal. Simulates an amp cabinet. U can run this last in your efects chain straight into recording devices or live pas or small amps and it will help from keeping those mosquito sounds away. ( those who have run an analog distortion direct would know what im talking about ). You can also use this as a booster too but it is not exactly transparent and will colour your sound.

Baby ( kokopops )

The one and only. Im very proud of this guitar. Its synonymous with me. Kokopops has been to almost every gig i played and every ocean of fire gig for that matter. Ill never leave home without her.
Being a gift from a good friend and mentor of mine - danny lee ( a very good guitar player ) this guitar also has a story to tell.

The first time i ever saw danny play was with this guitar. I didnt really know who he was then. But he did play "for the love of god" by steve vai on this. I am a fan of anything red and this girl caught my eye instantly.

Years later we met again at a gig i was playing, and he was engineering the sound. I invited him to supper after that and we became good friends. Having the chance i asked him about this guitar and wheter he still had it. He showed it to me and asked me if id like to borrow it and play it for a while. Feeling so delighted i said yes and took it home with much excitement.

Much later i got a great gig with my then band - hearts on fire ( now defunct ) to play in kl at planet hollywood alongside some hotshots.

i really wanted to go, but had already promissed Danny i'd help him out with some stuff. I stayed back and had to forgo that gig. That night, rose's string broke ( rose was my primary guitar at that time. ) so i reached out for the next guitar i could grab at home, and this one was it. When i arrived with this guitar, Danny just asked if i liked this guitar, and if i did i could have it as a gift.

the rest is history

this is a very old grover jackson guitar. the serial number shows its from the early nineties possibly 1992 0r 93
the pickups are changed to production floor custom duncans. jb and sh2
and my favourite part about this guitar is that it has 24 frets for a 24 3/4 scale neck. and also a maple fretboard, which isquite rare in jacksons these days.


The guitar that started it all. My very very very very first guitar. This guitar means ALLLOOOOTTT to me.

Of course only part of the guitar is present on this guitar at the moment. The neck is from the original squier i used to play with. Then as of late i decided to unretire this guitar. I got a new body from Mighty Mite and got a refret job done.

at present it plays like new and real differently. Originally it had 3 single coils, then it had 3 humbuckers at one point. Now it has 2.

All i wanted was an electric guitar when i was a kid. I had no money, but i still had a lot of "magic the gathering" cards ( then it was really popular... every kid played it ). I tought to myself, i could go on playing, or i could just play guitar instead. Being able to only afford either, i gave up my card hobby for guitar and i sold off my cards to buy the cheapest red guitar i could get my hands on. This was it.

I played at least 6 years worth of gigs with this guitar ( sort of since the body doesnt count ). Everytime i think of this guitar i still think of the days when i was in school, playing on that old wooden stage in the hall, strumming to green day's when i come around and oag's sixties tv ( one day i really wanna tell radhi that his song was teh first solo i ever learnt ) and still no girls would look. Many years after that... still no girls were looking. I better get a new job hahaha.


Kisses is one of my favourite guitars. She's been in quite a few important gigs with me. Essentially a yamaha rgx 820z. This is also my "everything " guitar. I installed a gk3 midi pickup into this baby so i can do some midi work for recording partly because i cant play keys and its so much easier to just use a guitar to get my sounds. Another part is that in future im gonna really rely on soem of the weird sounds a synth can provide to do some of my songs. Till then, this guitar does all teh synth duties for the albums as well as tight rhythm work.

I got this at a very special discounted rate which im not allowed to share since the store owner asked me not to. The story goes like this ;- after having won the nationals for asian beat, with the money i got, i thought of getting a better guitar for the grand finals. But always having moths in my pocket and a very limited amount of prize money from the cmpetition, taking piety on me, the store guy decided to partly "support" me with this guitar.

the signature u see on the face of the guitar is by wes borland of black light burns.